ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress


Public Awareness Campaigns

With the help of our community partner, Dunn&Co Advertising, we have created numerous campaigns to help build awareness of ALS, many of which have been adopted by other local ALS Chapters around the country as well as our National Office.

Piece By Piece Campaign

 In 2009, we launched our first strategic awareness campaign designed to not only increase general awareness, but also drive interest.  It was centered on a simple fact: ALS steals our loved ones piece by piece.  The multimedia campaign included a traveling memorial which received national exposure and increased donations four-fold.  The memorial was taken to various markets around the state as well as a trip to Washington, DC for National Advocacy Day.  It proved to be a powerful campaign.  You can view more information and pictures on the website:  Piece By Piece.

Piece By Piece

Walk In Their Shoes Campaign

In 2012 we worked to create a campaign to help build overall awareness and grow participation in the annual Walk To Defeat ALS® – even among those who have no personal connection to the disease.  It was supported by the theme, “Put on your walking shoes, because they no longer can.”  This too was a multimedia campaign with a traveling memorial component featuring pairs of shoes once worn by actual victims of ALS along with pictures and a bio of the person they belonged to.  The campaign was so successful, it was shared with other chapters around the country.  The shoe displays are still used today at each of our walks around the state.

In Your Shoes Campaign 1In Your Shoes 2In Your Shoes 3

Above is an example of how the display is set up at our walk sites today, including close ups of one of the pairs.

Walk In Their Shoes PSA Campaign

 In 2013, we developed a series of television and radio PSAs to be used to build awareness of our walk programs.  The series, Walk In Their Shoes, consists of 10, 15, 30, and 60 second PSA’s highlighting the idea of remembering your last steps, “What would you remember?”   They continue with references of the things our patients lose over time: the ability to walk, hold a loved one, talk, and breathe.  The goal of these spots is to increase awareness and drive participation to The Walk To Defeat ALS®.  This campaign was adopted by National and released to local chapters for their use as well.  An example of the :60 spot can be seen here:  

Love Letters Campaign

In 2014, we unveiled an awareness campaign called ALS Love Letters.  As most people are aware, on July 4, 1939, “The Iron Horse” Lou Gehrig bid farewell to baseball in front of a sold-out crowd at Yankee Stadium. The campaign uses words from his famous speech to create messages of love and support as we commemorated the 75th anniversary of that historic moment and continued our search for a cure to ALS.  The campaign was created to build awareness of ALS and to stress the importance of ALS multidisciplinary clinics in extending the length and quality of life in ALS patients.  It consisted of a large red board displayed at all walk sites with the individual words from the speech spread across the board.  Visitors could interact with the board by creating their own messages of help and support.  An additional component included a website where visitors can also create their own messages and send them out to friends and families.  You can view the website here:

 Love Letters CAmpaign


Our Latest Campaign

State Clinics and Centers of Excellence Outdoor Campaign

This spring we launched an outdoor media campaign that will be seen in the four markets around the state where the ALS Clinics and Centers of Excellence affiliated with the Chapter are located: Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Fort Meyers.  Our goal is to continue to build awareness of our multidisciplinary clinics knowing that patients who receive their care have an increased quality of life and longer survival rates. 

Board 1

Board 2

Board 3

The above three designs have been placed on four digital billboards throughout the state, each design appearing on the digital board rotation on each of the four boards.

For more information about the ALS clinics affiliated with the Florida Chapter or to find an ALS Clinic or an ALS Center of Excellence near you, click here.