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Welcome to HOPE and HELP presented by the Florida Chapter.  Through our Symposiums and Webinar series, we will continue to communicate more up-to-date information about what is happening in the ALS community.  We want to educate everyone about the devastation Lou Gehrig’s Disease creates for its victims  - physically, emotionally, and financially - because the more the story is heard, the better chance we will have to find a treatment and a cure.

As horrific as this disease is, we have HOPE that clinical trials and research will lead to ways to prevent, treat, and cure ALS.  And we HELP patients living with the disease through the variety of programs and services that we provide.

Our goal is to communicate information that provides HOPE.  Hope that we can create more awareness about the disease and the need for a cure and treatments.  Hope that awareness will lead to funding for the important research happening right here in Florida.  And hope that someday - and sooner than later - Lou Gehrig’s Disease will not be a death sentence.

We will continue our efforts to create awareness and introduce more and more people to our mission every day. 

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